The tent meadow next to the Wakenitzhaus offers enough space for individual travelers or groups. (Caravans or camper vans are not permitted for legal reasons). A campfire site offers the opportunity for a cozy get-together. We have also protection against strong sun.

Glamping is an artificial word from “glamorous” and “camping” and describes a comfortable way of camping. On the site we have some special overnight stays.

Romantic site trailer

Tent-Hotel (similar to this image) (c) Nordisk

Tent meadow

Wakenitz-Camp - Südansicht

Wakenitz-Camp – south view

Prices Camping

Camping site tent / Night 5,00 €
Camping site group tent / Night 8,00 €
Overnight adult / Night* 7,00 €
Overnight child / Night* 5,00 €
Overnight youth group participant,
pupil (min. 20 participants)*
5,00 €
Day use of the roofed campfire site / pers. / Day* 6,00 €
Use swivel grill incl. cleaning 15,00 €
Campfire wood chopped and sawed 15,00 €
*Inclusive prices for reservation, rubbish, shower, hot water

Prices Glamping

Overnight in the Romantic-Site-Trailer per pers./Night 25,00 €


Prices Wakenitz-Camp

Use of the campfire site for events (min. 10 pers.) incl. use of our toilets per pers. 3,00 €
Use of the Giant Kite incl. fire bowl without overnight stay (min. 10 pers.) pro pers./Day 6,00 €
Rent swivel grill incl. cleaning flat rate 15,00 €
Campfire wood (1 wheelbarrow) chopped & sawed flat rate 15,00 €