10 km from Ratzeburg
7,5 km from the Bridge Schmilau
approx. 5 hours incl. breaks
approx. 3 hours incl. breaks
  • 1 crossing over point (for the canoe)
  • almost stagnant water
big groups
standard physique
more information

Canale grande

The paddler wonders:
What are the concrete walls doing in the middle of the forest at the banks of the canal? On closer inspection it quickly becomes clear that they are quay walls.

Those days were a long time ago, where goods were loaded from the ship to the railroad in the port of Schmilau. Until 1939 the canal served not only to supply the small hydropower plant in Farchau with electricity, but it also served as a trade route between Zarrentin and Schmilau. The workers of the shipping line could be almost envious that they were had the chance to experience the beautiful nature every day. And they didn’t even have to paddle, they had a steamboat …

Ratzeburger See 10 km

For lovers of large bodies of water or some small waves the Ratzeburger See offers ideal opportunities for paddlers who prefer a canadian canoe rather than a kayak.  Accessible from Rothenhusen or in the reverse direction from Ratzeburg.
Camping possibilities are available in Buchholz (6 km) and Ratzeburg.
You can paddle around the island city, with the canoe in about 2 hours.

Schaalseekanal 11 km

The Schaalseekanal is the most beautiful canal in Schleswig-Holstein.
It connects the Schaalsee with the Ratzeburger See and was originally built to operate the small hydropower plant in Farchau. Because the small power plant is still in operation, you and your canoe have to cross over for the duration of one kilometer (1.6miles), with the help of a canoe trolley, before the canal runs into the Ratzeburger See at the height of the restaurant Farchauer Mühle (Farchauer mill).
The distance between Farchau and Ratzeburg is 2.5 km.

Stop your car and enjoy the outdoors by combining the canoe trip with a bike ride (see “Paddle & Pedal”).
This tour can also be used in the opposite direction.

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Without people transfer

Adults per pers. in the Canadian Canoe 28,00 €
Children (3 – 14 years, on middle benches) 8,00 €
1-person-kayak incl. steering system 35,00 €

With people transfer

Adults per pers. in the Canadian Canoe 36,00 €
Children (3 – 14 years, on middle benches)
16,00 €
1-person-kayak (minimum 2 kayaks) 43,00 €


Rain rescission guaranty (per person)
The weather on the day of the event is relevant!
3,00 €


  • Life jacket
  • 1 seat in the canadian canoe or kayak
  • Paddle
  • 1 baggage ton (per boat) or bag (kayak)
  • Transport cost
  • Tour description
  • Instruction


  • Child discount only with 2 full-paying guests per boat!