Paddle & Pedals

Bicycle: 10 km
Canoe: 10 km
approx. 5-7 hours incl. breaks
  • 1 crossing over point(for the canoe)
  • almost stagnant water
big groups
standard physique
more information

For arms and legs.

By canoe and cycling you discover the trails away from the streets in the heart of the Nature park Lauenburgische Seen between the Lake of Ratzeburg and the Schaalsee. The slightly hilly landscape with the small, lovely lakes, canals and riverside paths offers a variety of different impressions.

By bike you start in Ratzeburg the tour (approx. 11 km) towards the Schaalsee-Camp. Part of the cycle route leads along the banks, which you will experience the way back from the perspective of the paddler during the 11 km long canoe trip on the Schaalseekanal.

Schaalseekanal 11 km

The Schaalseekanal is the most beautiful canal in Schleswig-Holstein. It connects the Schaalsee with the Ratzeburger See and was originally built to operate the small hydropower plant in Farchau. Because the small power plant still is in operation, you and your canoe have to cross over for the duration of one kilometer (1.6 km), with the help of a canoe wagon, before the canal runs into the Ratzeburger See at the height of the restaurant Farchauer Mühle (Farchauer mill). The distance between Farchau and Ratzeburg is 2.5 km

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Adults (per person) 33,00 €
Tour with an electric bike (per person) 37,00 €
Children up to 4 years (incl. children’s seat) 11,00 €
Children 5 – 13 years (children’s bike, middle bench in the canoe) 18,00 €


  • 1 seat in the Canadian Canoe, canoe equipment
  • Bicycle, if necessary children’s seat
  • Tour description
  • Canoe and bike transport


  • At least 2 adult participants
  • Children discount only with 2 full paying participants each boat
  • Departure: Zweiradtechnologie Koech, 23909 Ratzeburg, Langenbrücker Str.  12
  • Arrival: Seestraße Ratzeburg near the policestation


  • Delivery of the canoes around 1 pm
  • Delivery of the bicylces between 11 am and 12 am
  • Daily from April to October