Paddle & Pedals 4 Kids


The tours should be planned as a daily event, the time requirement is about 6-7 hours. The bicycle routes are primarily riverside paths or paths away from busy roads.

The waters are all easy to paddle without any risks such as weirs etc.. They are good for beginners, so there is no tour guide necessary. If you do not have the ability for canoeing, we can offer a tour guide.

Detailed information about the routes can be obtained by clicking on the respective section of water in the map below.
Most of the waters are close to the local youth hostels, so the tours can be planned as part of a overnight stay.
We will gladly inform you about other accommodations.

Tourenbeschreibung (PDF) – Untere Trave

Tourenbeschreibung (PDF) – Wakenitz

Tourenbeschreibung (PDF) – Schaalseekanal

Tourenbeschreibung (PDF) – Möllner See


Wakenitz, Lübeck 28,00 €
Pinnautal, Mölln 30,00 €
Schaalseekanal, Ratzeburg 28,00 €
Trave, Bad Oldesloe 28,00 €
Alster, Hamburg 43,00 €


  • 1 seat in the Canadian Canoe for 3-4 people, life jaacket, paddle, baggage ton for each boat
  • Bicycle
  • Tour description
  • Canoe and bike transport


  • At least 20 participants
  • A teacher or a companion can receive a one-person-kayak if proven to have necessary knowledge
  • Bring along:
    • bicycle helmets
    • provisions