Canoe & Kayak

Here you will find all of our rental prices and further information. The herein described offers include the deliverance of the boats. We will deliver them to a stretch of water and pick them up at another point down the river (one-way).

If you’d prefer a short paddle trip, there is something for you as well, at all rental stations you can rent kayaks or canadian canoes by the hour and drop them off at the same rental station, so you can experience a tour of your own choosing.

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Our guesthouse is exclusively available for group stays. If you’re looking for a very special place to stay, our tents and caravans offer comfort and tranquility. There’s plenty of room on our tent meadow if you want to set up your tent. Our bistro welcomes all, offering a friendly service.

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In the Schaalsee camp there are no annual squares for permanent campers! You are more than welcome if you want to come with a tent, caravan or camper van. But there are also accommodations in covered wagons and tipis. And of course, you can make campfires as well!

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Experience the variety canoe’s, and the vast array of nature & wildlife: courses on land or on the water, events that are best experienced from the canoe perspective, tours that are accompanied by professions, community experiences that are fun.

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