Waterfowl react to disruption with different flight distances. Humans can get much closer to waterfowl than dogs. For this reason, it is important that your dog is “huntproof” and not bark to the waterfowl or jump into the water. Also, throwing sticks into the water, e.g. while you are resting, is not going to go down well with other watersportathletes and waterfowl.

We expect from the people who book an outdoor activity that they come to terms with the weather and wear suitable clothes, e.g. protect against drizzle. But we also understand if our guests do not want to paddle in freezing strong winds and heavy rain. However, the actual weather on the day of the event is relevant for us, not the weather forecasts from different providers. Please keep in mind that these companies are primarily ad-supported and therefore also stage the weather.

As a rule, we make the following arrangements: For reasons of goodwill, we offer to move the date within the current season to a new date. For guests who do not find a replacement date this season, we recommend the “rain insurance”.

The covered wagons are equipped with wooden pallets. All covered wagons have a double bed surface on which you lie next to each other. You need a sleeping pad and a sleeping bag. Thick air mattresses are not recommended.

Two of our tipis are equipped with a wooden floor. In the tipi village, the floors have a wooden frame, which are filled with wood chips. You need a sleeping pad and a sleeping bag. Thick air mattresses are not recommended.

Dogs are welcome, as long as they are not barkers and can handle the fact that many people may be in the camp. They must be kept on a leash and owners have to pay attention to the excrement.