14,5 km
approx. 5 hours incl. breaks
  • almost stagnant water
  • nature reserve
  • Paddler with the passion of nature
  • groups
standard physique
more information

The picnic for the trip is prepared and suitable clothing is selected. The River Wakenitz is waiting for your adventure, the tourguide is already waiting for you at the canoe-entry-point. Everybody is helping to get the canoes down from the trailer to the water in order to start the trip. To avoid the canoe-tour getting a canoe-torture everybody will be introduced into the paddling-technique. It appears that there is a difference between theory and practice. Once again the tourguide is explaining how it works, and suddenly there you go.
After a few paddlestrokes and some cruise-experiences one asks himself wether the duck´s chatter is louder then paddler´s chatter. Now you need good stamina. Relaxed by breaks or some lively waterfun everyone arrives at the final destination. Yummy, at the end you can get some tasty icecream as a little reward.

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Pupils or rather teenagers 24,00 €
2 accompanying adults from 20 pupils free


  • 1 seat in the Canadian Canoe for 3-4 people, life jacket, paddle, 1 baggege ton for each boat
  • Canoe transport
  • Tour discription
  • Instruction
  • Tourguide
  • Busticket


  • A teacher or a companion can receive a one-person-kayak if proven to have necessary knowledge
  • At least 20 participants!
  • Bookable Monday to Friday at 9 am or 11 am