The company philosophy

Since 1983 the KANU-CENTER offers nature experiences in the Travetal, the Lakes of Lauenburg and the Alster. Our guests can rent canoes at rental stations, make tours from A to B on the route sections or even make combined tours with other means of transport. Extraordinary accommodation offers complete the concept.

Our offers aimed at different age groups and target groups and are designed to meet the needs and wishes of the guests, but also the requirements of nature and the environment.

We engage with other economic and political actors to promote tourism in the region. With the development of the infrastructure of the canoe hiking trail in the area of ​​the Nature Park Lakes of Lauenburg, canoeing could be established as a fixed segment of tourism in the region.

The environmental and nature protection

In the canoe center environmental protection is a fixed part of the planning and implementation of tourist offers as well as the design of the respective location. In the development, the principles of sustainability are already taken into account and implemented in the context of the technical, economic and personnel possibilities. The available resources are used as environmentally friendly as possible.


The Canoe Center strives for a careful handling of resources. This includes the design and materials which blends into the natural requirements. The quality of the equipment for the tourist offers and for the business equipment is designed in a way that the most environmentally friendly materials are used. The latest state of the art is taken into account. The consumption of materials is reduced to the minimum necessary.

The applicable legal provisions of environmental law and their implementing provisions are fulfilled.

The canoe center is a member of the federal association canoe e.V. and has committed to a nature-friendly canoe tourism. As part of its personnel and economic opportunities, the canoe center supports demands for sustainable use concepts for water bodies and cooperates in their development.

Cooperations and discussions with partners, associations etc. aim to achieve a continuous improvement of environmental protection.

The guests and customers are informed by appropriate measures on the environmental situation. The principle of sustainability is an essential part of training and education for employees, so that it is internalized and can be passed on to the guests.

The management examines environmental aspects in all decisions and thus creates the possibility of a continuous improvement of the environmental situation.

The public is informed by its own publications, e.g. informed about the environmental policy of the company and its implementation on the Internet, in catalogs or in the office or in our shop. For example, the Canoe Center also conducts information work by working on development concepts for water bodies and agreements on the use of water.

Siebenbäumen, in January 2015


In 2014, the KANU-CENTER became the first time a certified provider of “Quality Management Water Tourism”. This seal is from German Tourism Association (Deutscher Tourismusverband e. V. (DTV)) in cooperation with the Federal Association Canoe (Bundesverband Kanu e. V. (BV Kanu)) and has a validity of 3 years.

In addition, we participate in the initiative “Service Quality Germany”. It is a quality management system that annually sets measures to improve service quality. The review of the measures takes place in Schleswig-Holstein by the University of Applied Sciences West Coast.

To help you understand these certifications for you as a customer, we have summarized the key points here.

Our company is characterized by

  • professional management
  • adequate insurance coverage
  • professional and safe equipment
  • free issue of life jackets
  • trained staff
  • Issue of extensive information and map material
  • Detailed instruction on nature-friendly behavior on and at the water and in the paddling technique

For your safety

As a customer of this company, you can relax and enjoy your leisure time and enjoy the charms of a canoe tour.

The quality of the materials is checked by an independent expert of the Germanic-Lloyd, qualified employees explain you behavioral guidelines for canoeing, inform you about possible danger zones, about entry and exit and rest and overnight accommodations. You are insured in the event of an accident on land, water or during transport.


The backbone of the company is formed by our employees. They are highly motivated and enjoy working with people and in nature. Most of them have a background in socio-educational, environmental and tourist areas. All employees are either internally trained or participate in external training and further education of the German Canoe Association.

Part of a job that requires extraordinary work and is performed outside of normal working hours is a reasonable salary. For years, we have paid wages far above the statutory minimum wage.

Siebenbäumen, in January 2015